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21-Mar-2015 03:22

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Over 45 per cent drink alcohol five times a month and 14 per cent use tobacco. Private bartenders now mix up drinks and provide finger foods at birthday parties.Yet 70 per cent teens show signs of depression and 48 per cent think about suicide. SMOKE UP: Fruit flavoured tobacco from a pipe dipped in water or wine.A survey released by one of Bollywood's biggest hits last year, Udaan-all about a 17-year-old boy, who gets expelled from boarding school for sneaking out to watch a semi-porn film-shows: one in five teens watches porn before age 13; every second teen necks and kisses, 15 per cent in the school loo; one out of five claims to have had sex; 90 per cent believe in premarital sex, with 45 per cent of girls opting for clandestine abortions. Hookah bars are all the rage.i PAD TEENS: The latest crave.COOL RULESObjects of desire for the teen jet-setter PING ME: No longer a corporate toy, Black Berry now makes or breaks teen happiness (and dad's bank account) with free BBM messages. So every teenager craves, Supra, the seriously cool sneaker with ankle support. Cell phone, laptop, i Pod, PSP, Kindle, DVD player-Apple i Pad combines it all.To Delhibased counsellor Gitanjali Kapoor, it's a cultural moment: "Constant exposure of different types of media is enhancing their inquisitiveness, encouraging them to question and stretch their boundaries."Not that the teens care. But to Taki, 19, a Delhi girl (who prefers to be known by her nickname like the rest of her peer group in this story), that's a gross underassessment: "Over 75 per cent of my classmates are not virgins".Some of them are into serious romance, some are "just FWBs" ("Friends With Benefits. just a convenience thing".) Some boys carry condoms in their pockets because they don't know when "they might get lucky".KICK OFF: If everybody loves cricket, go for soccer. If every generation needs a cultural marker, Facebook is the canvas on which the digitally nimble teens spill their secrets.

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But I know everything about everything," Mimi, a 15-year-old Bangalore girl, flips her ponytail, looking around to make sure all eyes are on her."Everyone I know has touched first base, at least." That's "kissing and necking", she explains to her parents.Notes are regularly exchanged between girls after sexual encounters and discarded i-Pill packs are often found in the bathrooms of the posh convent she studies in."I'm sure you won't remain a virgin by the time you turn 18," her mother interjects tearfully. "I'm not stupid enough to get into trouble."Trouble is the one certain truth about her: she is a teenager.

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During high school socials, dark corners of the venue are "reserved" by couples beforehand, so that they can go and "do it" in a crowded room, "just for the thrill of it", Mimi explains. And surveys reveal*, it's a generation that spends 10 hours a day on some sort of a media, two hours on social networking sites, 1.6 hours on the phone, four hours 23 minutes a week on computer games.

While 66 per cent carry mobile phones to school, 47 per cent can't live without TV.

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