Beards are intimidating

29-Jul-2016 01:36

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It’s Important to cleanse your Beard with a suitable Beard shampoo.

This will cleanse and condition your beard without stripping natural oils away which can leave it dry and brittle.

This keeps the skin free of dead skin cells that cause the dreaded ‘Beard itch’ and ‘Bearddruff’ and helps with the beard growing process, making way for more hair to push through.

Us Vikings and our Beards are a breeding ground for filth and stinking odours.

Thus they would take great pride in looking after the hair that covered their faces.. Hold off from any styling or trimming FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST MONTH of growing your Viking Beard. You are more than likely going to cut off more than you wanted, meaning you’re going to have an uneven looking Beard and set you back in your Beard growing progress.

The reason we recommend the ‘Four week rule’ is because, generally, this is the point that most people’s Beards will begin to join up.

The Vikings also used their beards for more practical reasons, such as keeping their faces warm during the freezing Scandinavian winters and protecting their skin from wind burns on the Icey seas of the North.

For some people this may take longer so BE PATIENT!!!

Now it’s quite easy to forget about the skin lying beneath the mass of hair that sits upon it.

The skin on our face is a lot more sensitive than the skin on our head, so Vikings with particularly sensitive skin will benefit more from a Beard shampoo. Now that you’ve scrubbed that dead, grimey skin away, cleansed and got rid of that stench from that Viking Beard, it’s time to replenish it with goodness and moisturise the hair and skin that supports your beard.

Growing a beard is a commitment…It’s a commitment that we know the Vikings took seriously.

To the Vikings the Beard was a Sign of power and wisdom with Norse Sagas telling us of women competing over who gets the best man, with the best Beards regarded as a sign of virility.

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