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But as these practices spread among the working classes, saloons and amusement parks sprang up to earn their business.By the mid-1910s even the middle classes considered “dating” a legitimate way to woo. Falling birth-rates allowed parents to dote on fewer children, who were increasingly likely to go to school.The mating marketplace has spurred countless businesses.In the 1920s even respectable ladies began painting their faces, and the cosmetics industry exploded. Friday’s, and the “singles bar” was born (the place became so popular it needed velvet ropes).Keen chaps visited regularly and with the intent to marry. So men offered to escort romantic prospects to restaurants or dance halls, luring poorly paid women with the prospect of a “free treat”. The rules of love, Ms Weigel argues, are shaped by economics.

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UNTIL the start of the 20th century, the rules of courtship were fairly straightforward. The concept of “dating” only came about at the dawn of the industrial age, when new opportunities lured young people to cities in droves.

Male suitors called on eligible women under the watchful eyes of concerned adults. Working women were soon exposed to an array of potential mates, but many lived in tenements or boarding houses that were unfit for hosting callers.

It’s intimate, it absolutely gets rid of all inhibitions, they often come with a little button and telecom that you can order drinks through, and it gives you a chance to duet!… continue reading »

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Entrepreneurs provide the financing to individuals who think, reason, and act to convert ideas into commercial opportunities and create opportunities. Entrepreneurship is the process of changing ideas into commercial opportunities and creating value. An entrepreneur is an individual who thinks, reasons, and acts to convert ideas into commercial opportunities and to create value. Mark Twain once said, “I was always able to see an opportunity before it became one.” 5. magazine’s 500 high-growth firms suggests that about 88 percent of founders feel their firms’ successes are due to extraordinary ideas, while the remaining 12 percent feel their firms’ successes are due to exceptional execution of ordinary ideas. “Fads” are large societal, demographic, or technological trends or changes that are slow in forming but once in place continue for many years. “Fads” are not predictable, have short lives, and do not involve macro changes. Three major megatrends discussed in Chapter 1 include: societal trends or changes, demographic trends or changes, and technological trends or changes. In 1982, Harry Dent identified several major or megatrends shaping U. … continue reading »

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It's refreshing to see how they view erotic experiences and how high family values and loyality rank compared to pure sexual satisfaction.… continue reading »

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