Dating in baghdad iraq

18-Aug-2016 03:35

The Baghdad bombings were perpetrated by ISIS, killing over 101 people.Some security analysts saw the bombings in Iraq's capital as an effort to distract the attention of the Iraqi security forces from the battle of Fallujah.A second roadside bomb was detonated in the suburb of Sha'ab, killing at least five.The Islamic State issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, naming the Karrada bomber as Abu Maha al-Iraqi.On 3 July 2016, a coordinated bomb attack in Baghdad resulting in the deaths of over 300 and injured hundreds more.

The bombing is the second-worst suicide attack in Iraq by death toll after the 2007 Yazidi communities bombings and the deadliest terrorist attack in Iraq carried by a single bomber.

"We are used to big fires but the chemicals in this bomb were used for the first time in Iraq," according to Brigadier General Kadhim Bashir Saleh of the Iraqi Civil Defense Force.

A fourth bombing in al-Latifiya in southern Baghdad was a car bombing that killed one person and injured an unknown number of people.

There were reports that the source of the blast was a refrigerator van packed with explosives.

The explosion caused a huge fire on the main street.

The bomb was placed under a civilian vehicle, and went off when the vehicle was being driven.