Dating scammer darya

27-Sep-2015 00:01

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. I want to find a partner/soulmate for the rest of my life.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. There must me real love involved as i think it is that feeling what keeps all the time the feeling burning and also it helps to go together through the all difficulties of life.

I'm sorry that my letter looks so official and a little bit strict today, but I have to say it for some reasons .. I am creative, active and cheerful person, quite an optimist. Though I never pass over the limits and having a very light character, I remain serious and honest woman.

I'm looking for a reliable man with a strong character who knows what he want. I used to live in Germany when I was young, but then my parents had to move to Russia for some reasons. Oh, I should probably describe myself so that you can understand or imagine me. I weight 54 kilos, so I am quite a slim person, which is normal for the girls of my country. As i said you before my name is Maria and I'm a lonely woman. I am single woman,seriously looking for a serious man to start a new life with.. And could you tell me more about yourself and send some of your photos?

I don't like men who are uncertain or non-confident in themselves. I'm attaching some of my photos and hope to see some yours. Received: from [1.231] ([email protected] with plain)From: [email protected] Customers NLHostmaster Chello Broadband UPC Broadband Internet Services Erlachgasse 116A-1100 Vienna Austria DSC01835Also Darya Pynzar......... I'm really glad to see your letter in my email box and at the same time I feel some kind of excitement when I'm writing to you! I am writing you with the purpose of finding a friend on the Internet. I work as a teacher of English for children of primary school and my working practice is about 4 years.. I also can say that I have no bad habits like drinking or smoking. I'm also verystraight, God fearing, hard working, calm, honesty.. I like to socialise with friends but also like tocurl up with a good book or film.

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I tell it, xxxxx, because I understand that there are many difficulties that must be overcome before our first meeting, so if you are afraid or have a lot of doubts, please tell me about it right away. DSC05893By this Pic we fall over Model Lena Kuletskaya.....former Girlfriend of Mickey Rourke....connect with Dima Bilan Hello! I'm glad that you answered me today, this is actually my first letter like this, so if I make some mistakes, please don't get angry :-) I would like to tell you about myself. Indeed, I can tell you one of them – I'm going crazy from sushi! Maybe if we know more about each other we could have true relations. A bit about me: I enjoy going to gym, like swimmingand skiing. I am a sexy, loving, caring, romantic andsweet lady.. I know that there is a lot of deceive in the Internet, but I'm here not to play games! Chinese and Japanese food has conquered me forever. In this letter I will send you some my pictures, and I hope you will send me lots of photos. I don't drink and don't smoke, my friends say I'm very funperson.

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