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The first to be declared was Brisbane, with a population of 5,000 and an area of 14.25 square kilometres (5.5 sq mi).Its first attempt in January 1859 was unsuccessful due to a counter-petition, but its second attempt with 420 signatories was gazetted on and proclaimed by the Governor of New South Wales on 7 September 1859.Following this, eight other councils obtained municipality status under the Act: Toowoomba (19 November 1860), Rockhampton (13 December 1860), Maryborough (23 March 1861), Warwick (), Drayton (1862), Gladstone (20 February 1863), Bowen (7 August 1863) and Dalby (21 August 1863).allowed for the creation of a municipality upon the petition of not less than 50 householders within a defined area.If no counter-petition with more signatures was received, the Governor was able to declare a municipality in the region.Local government in the Australian state of Queensland describes the institutions and processes by which towns and districts can manage their own affairs to the extent permitted by the Local Government Act 1993–2007.Queensland is divided into 77 local government areas which may be called Cities, Towns, Shires or Regions.Each area has a council which is responsible for providing a range of public services and utilities, and derives its income from both rates and charges on resident ratepayers, and grants and subsidies from the State and Commonwealth governments.

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On 16 November, a petition containing 91 signatures was received seeking to have Ipswich, which at the time had 3,000 people, granted municipal town status.On 29 November, the letters patent authorised by Queen Victoria which were to make Queensland a separate colony were published in New South Wales, and the petition was forwarded to the new Queensland governor, Sir George Ferguson Bowen.