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21-Jan-2016 11:27

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And yes, I understand and respect your perspective—that without the glue that attraction provides, it can be more challenging to get through the tough times that relationship most assuredly will present.

The Attraction Conundrum is this: a woman’s ability to develop romantic / sexual attraction over time is FAR better than a man’s.

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One of the biggest and saddest things I see with today’s modern day dating culture is that both men and women are inclined to quickly dismiss / veto each other too early, before spending enough time together to really determine if they could indeed make each other happy.

If it still feels good being together, but you’re not sure the romantic chemistry is there for you, give the match one more chance.

If the chemistry / attraction element doesn’t kick in by the third time you’re together, it’s OK to let the fishy go.

So, we shouldn’t hang in with a guy because he’s a respectable, kind person, or because he looks good on paper, or because he’s the right “type” of guy.

So we essentially have a shot with the man who thinks we’re “hot.” [NOTE: if you’re looking for someone who sees you for so much more, try Meet Mindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles.] The mistake I see being made by so many of today’s modern day women who are dating is to date like a man, first, “targeting” the men she’s most attracted to, when the harsh reality is that the likelihood that he’s attracted to “her type” physically is actually, quite slim.

He might be the guy who’s attracted to specific demographics, like model-thin Asian women or perhaps only to women with Kardashian curves, which might knock her out of the running entirely.

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