Debian updating etch

06-Oct-2015 13:23

debian updating etch-27

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For more informations, visit Configuring client specific rules and access policies. I tried the last section "Configuring Linux clients to use DNS informations provided by VPN server" in this guide to set up my client to update the DNS automaitcally when it receives the value from the Open VPN server.

First, if needed, we create the iptables ip-up.d script.

This script will be run each time the network is started: Your iptables configuration will be now reloaded each time your server restart. You can then connect to them easily by using this IP adresses. ----------------------------Stop-------------------------------------------- Don't forget to restart or reload bind9 I am using Debian Lenny as my client.

Note : Some free certification authority exists and can be used to sign HTTPS servers certificates. This is done by running these commands : Here again, use default values.

Open VPN is a software allowing to create virtual private network without using such technologies as PPt P (Microsoft) or IPSec.It is available on many operating systems (Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, ...).