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11-Jan-2016 03:25

Even if they manage to survive the pissed off guys who are chasing them, Cooper and Reese might kill each other for the hell of it. When I say the words ‘Dirty Sex,’ what springs to mind?Vivian Cooper and Reese Di Giovanni have hated each other since the second grade.Too bad Reese’s twin brother, Ryan, is Cooper’s best friend.What about if I offer you the word ‘seduction’ alongside it?It’s an area I deal with in great detail with my students.It’s in your walk as you approach her, it’s in your presence as you lock eyes with her, your hand as you touch her, and your voice as you melt her. It is your job as the man to bring your reality with you into the interaction.

Which is why, when Cooper and the twins stumble upon millions of dollars in gold bars, they take it and head for Las Vegas.Soon they find themselves running from some very angry and very organized criminals. Which turns out to be not nearly as sexy as it looks in the movies. Yes, they may be happy to a certain extent, but because of the current state of masculinity in society, women only get their wildest sexual fantasies met in one place…their dreams. In order to sweep her off her feet and grant her the kinky, dirty sex she desires, you must first accept and come to terms with the fact that EVERY woman out there has a vagina, and the majority are consistently sexually unfulfilled. The reason I have titled this article “Get Her To Have Dirty Sex With You” is because it’s the only way to communicate their deepest sexual desire, in a glance.

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Many think that learning seduction is a step-by-step process, where first you must get good at approaching, then at conversation, then at physical escalation, and ONLY then are you ready to go for the sexual close.

In reality, the dirty sex begins the very second you become aware of her.