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22-Nov-2015 11:57

However, I cannot get it to work with any other users!

My ultimate question is, how do I set up the permissions for this folder on the server so that different users (part of the same group maybe? And how do I correctly manage their usernames/passwords so that they can all access this folder without a hitch? fyi, I've been loosely following this guide: guide you've followed has the permissions topic covered in the paragraph before last.

I successfully shared the mounted folder, and I can see my server in Windows 8 on my laptop.

The initial username/password combo I picked works, and after I fiddled with permissions for the folder on the server, I was able to read/write to it.

Some bits and pieces I've read say that the Samba user passwords must be the same as the admin's password on the server? I don't really understand the relation between the two. I can only assume that's how it wors - not familiar with Webmin.

Usernames and passwords aren't relevant for permissions, and no, samba users' passwords definitely should not be the same as the admin's.

Hi all, I have a question about accessing my shared folder on an Ubuntu Server 12.04 box from Windows 8.

If I am posting in the wrong place let me know, because I'm new to this forum.

One I installed the system onto, and the other, I've used Logical Volume Management to make a 1GB logical volume for document storage, mounted in /mnt/docs.It may be that I too am unfamiliar with Webmin and how it works but the procedure outlined in that How To won't work. The only user that can write to the share at this point is root.A user that connects remotely must exist on the server, and is usually assigned to the 'samashare' group in Ubuntu.For example, let's say I want to create a user named 'test' just to connect to Samba.

I plan to make more volumes for other stuff once I get this working right.I've converted my users to Samba users and aim to have different logical volumes available as shared folders on my home network, where users can login with a particular username and password to store their files on the server.