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She's a savvy professional but vulnerable, not a brittle ball breaker. Andrew Barnicle, hand picked by the author to direct this witty world premiere, he scores a home run with the help of his outstanding team of players. He is an Emmy-winning TV writer/director/announcer/blogger. His dialogue smacks of authenticity and is uproariously funny. Paid parking lot at the corner of Hudson and Santa Monica Blvd.

We get to know them intimately during a marathon seventeen innings, between the Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. He's not only a passionate lover of baseball but was himself a sportscaster (Dodger Talk on L. Even if you're not into spectator sports, you'll relish this show. I only wish they'd let us bring our beer and peanuts. (323) 960-5521 or Plays 411 extended to 11/20/16 REVIEW BY INGRID WILMOT One of he biggest hits at the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood was BAKERSFIELD MIST.

Into this milieu comes a substitute for the regular female reporter, named Shana (Annie Abrams), a gorgeous, young woman, very pleasant and smart who, as expected, causes quite a stir in the press box, particularly in the heart - and other parts - of the nebbishe Dennis.

She plays a woman whose job, as a sort of roving interviewer, leads to her involvement with one of the star sports personalities.

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He pops pills to stay calm and to take his mind off his pain-in-the-ass wife.It houses her collection of memorabilia, antiques and precious tchotchkes.