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18-Nov-2014 22:17

If you are either dating a women from Moldova via a dating site such as anastasia dating or you have met a lady from Moldova on your travels or you think you would like to date a Moldovan but don't know the best way to proceed please read the rest of this page. I am researching the theory of the creation I think I'm a good man and an attractive woman, I like to travel, yoga, Russian bath, an interesting company. If your reading this then you are already aware that Moldova has one of the biggest concentration of beautiful women of any where.Chişinău has a continental climate, characterized by hot dry summers and windy winters.Winter temperatures are often below 0 C (32 F), although they rarely drop below −10 C (14 F).It is also its main industrial and commercial centre and is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bc. Chişinău is the most economically prosperous locality in Moldova, and its largest transportation hub.As the most economically and socially important municipality in Moldova, the city has a broad range of educational facilities.Chişinău is located on the river Bc, a tributary of the Dniester.

In summer, the average temperature is approximately 25 C (77 F), however, temperatures sometimes reach 35 to 40 C (95 to 104 F) in mid-summer in the city centre.

Although average precipitation and humidity during summer is low, there are infrequent yet heavy storms.

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