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16-Aug-2015 21:25

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Dear Foamers, I developed a complete and non-official Open FOAM guide for beginners, containing several tutorials to solve representative incompressible fluid mechanics problems for those who are starting to deal with Open FOAM.

The guide is formed by 5 chapters (plane-parallel plates flow, 2D cylinder, circular pipe, NACA airfoil and a 3D aircraft), following an increasing degree of difficulty.

I used a geometry (and boundary conditions) extracted from Magnetic Ressonance Images and I meshed it using SHM. However, the problem is I am stuck at the Airfoil tutorial.

I downloaded the case files and did the steps till editing boundary file.

else and what tools you used for meshing later (SHM or

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Then I used it myself to start a study of the blood flow in the aorta (a human vessel) as the other part of my BSc Thesis.

After I did the editing, my terminal says, "Symmetry plane 'top And Bottom' is not planar.