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28-Sep-2016 23:40

At times, once I was old enough to understand that it wasn’t socially acceptable, I tried to stop, and maybe managed a few months at best without it in my childhood years.I remember finding nude scenes on videos, and then looking at a porno mag on a scout camp, and a friend showing me his dad’s magazines after school – but for most of my life this was a very big secret for me.When I moved to Melbourne to study at university I got a new computer and thought, “this will be my clean machine, never again will I look up porn or go into a flirt chat room.” That determination only ever lasted a few weeks at most.I eventually started working full time but the addiction was right there with me, taking away my weekends, my nights, some times all night!As a teenager I decided I wanted to be a Christian but I wasn’t the best at living that out.

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For those out there who are struggling, you are not on your own.There are many people who have similar stories and who have gone through the same struggles. I do know that masturbation was part of my life from a very early age, we are talking before the age of 5!

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