Online dating no children

12-Jun-2016 09:03

These ideas sound feeble and very generalized, yes, but as a woman who is confident in myself and has no trouble getting dates, my track record for long-term relationships is minimal. I mean, when do you inform someone of life choices like not wanting to have children?As I reflected on my single status, I realized that the common factor consistently points to my dating men who want that ideal family portrait someday. I'd assume this is a similar feeling to someone who maybe has been in jail.Perhaps if they did, they would understand my view and agree that a childless life would be quite wonderful.When do you inform the girl in front of you, "So I just got back from doing time..."?My favorite part of dating (I'm being facetious) is when men tell me about their desires for a wife, white picket fence and three small children running around. Yes, they do want to have children, and it's alright.

I used to be a nanny and a camp counselor, but I don't think that those experiences are what put the nails in the coffin of my childbearing aspirations.

I am a single, 30-year-old woman, living my dreams in New York City.

People love to tell me, "you'll change your mind." Forgive me, but why do I have to?

Am I less of a woman with fewer great qualities to offer because I don't want to raise children?

Surely, there must be men out there who could see a fulfilling life with culture, adventure, love and happiness sans screaming babies and obnoxious teenagers.

I often wonder if men understand the level of commitment it takes to raise children.