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Barry's fingerprints were taken over and over again.

It turned out that the outstanding warrant at issue was really for Barry's brother, who had stolen Barry's name and used it an alias when he was arrested about 25 years earlier. The warrant kept showing up in Barry's name, even though it wasn't him.

His mother made repeat visits to the police station.

well illustrates the difficulties that the bare-bones Michigan system can produce," the 6th Circuit wrote in its 12-page opinion, which upheld a lower court ruling that had declared Michigan's policy as unconstitutional.

At issue in the case is the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly known as food stamps, which bans people from receiving benefits who have fled prosecution for a felony. District Judge Judith Levy struck down the state's database, concluding it wrongfully denied plaintiffs of their right to food aid because they were neither actively fleeing or avoiding prosecution for a felony.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals looked at these cases and found something amiss.

Namely, that Michigan's Fugitive Felon Law, which was employed to cut some 20,000 people off public assistance, was so badly administered that it couldn't tell Shirley Booth from John Wilkes."His story ...