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Furthermore, the necropolis of Iwelen gave the opportunity to study tombs which cover a time interval of about four thousand years, which is rather exceptional for sub-Saharan Africa.The good state of preservation of the material enabled the study of the geochemical evolution of bone carbonate hydroxylapatite through time, with a significant statistical resolution.You don't want to worry about protecting your stuff against opportunists. Message me for a quote and let everyone know you are "in good hands". Rothschild says his central banking system is failing and they're buying up gold right now.

All analytical data allow us to conclude that the initial C isotopic ratio of the carbonate hydroxylapatite, albeit accompanied by a change in the crystallinity index, has been preserved.

Given the described local conditions, the increase in the crystallinity index cannot be linked to exchanges with the environment but clearly reflects the decrease of COC dates obtained for the carbonate hydroxylapatite are identical to those of the material of comparison (leather, charcoal and associated collagen samples).