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05-Aug-2016 09:41

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Marc Campman, a self-proclaimed Social Media Playmaker, recognises this commonality in his book FLIRTOMICS, the inspiration behind this post.

Definitely worth a read for those who haven’t picked it up already!

Social media platforms have a set of characteristics that make them appealing to different brands for different reasons.

For example, Pinterest is a great discovery platform for evergreen content and holds a tight grip over the female population.

Brands are no different to humans when it comes to dating; they also have preferences in characteristics they’re attracted to.

Beach Flirting Game is a funny skill based online game where you play as a flirt who has some unique power in eyes to seduce the guys. Be quick and effective to seduce more guys to be the best flirt around.

Birds of Paradise jive their way to their conquest, peacocks flash their eye-popping feathers and women flutter their long lashes- all in the name of flirting.

Listening online can also help us with lead generation, brand , community management, competitor analysis, new product development and so on.

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If we know our crush doesn’t like XYZ, we know what we must change to obtain them!Moreover, Meltwater’s social media monitoring tools can help us uncover industry trends so that we can leverage trends to help us remain topical and top of the mind.