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20-Oct-2015 17:40

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Judge ODell Seneca rigged the recording system to eavesdrop upon what was being said in the courtrooms of the Washington County courthouse, said lawyer Noah Geary in the lawsuit, filed Monday in the Common Pleas Court and also submitted to the U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission.

Dauphin County probation officials are looking into how the 15-year-old charged in the shooting death of Malik Stern-Jones escaped from authorities' custody Aug. Also looking into the escape is Abraxas Youth and Family Services, in whose custody Niejea Stern had been Aug.

5 when he escaped while at the Children's Resource Center in Harrisburg for questioning, said Pablo Paez of the GEO Group of Florida, who responded for Abraxas.

Jeffrey Haste, chairman of the county commissioners, said anytime there is an escape, whether from work release or other custody, the county reviews procedures and how they occurred. Stern was serving time in a juvenile detention center in connection with a robbery charge, Marsico said.

Haste said from what he has been told, detention officers "did mostly everything they normally do.

"This was a unique and unfortunate situation which is currently under investigation.

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The kid was a persistent kid." He said Chad Libby, county probation services director, is looking into the matter.

Marsico said Stern's legs were unshackled, but not his wrists, when he asked to use the bathroom. Haste said the escapes are among other matters scrutinized when the county's contract with Abraxas comes up for review annually.

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