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Sneak attacks As the name indicates, this attack happens without warning.Unlike hit-and-run attacks, sneak attacks are thought to be the result of feeding or aggression rather than mistaken identity.Most surfers would paddle for their lives if their board was 'bumped by a great white shark - but not this one.Instead, this intrepid surfer chased after the fearsome predator on a mission to get some close-up footage. Using a Go Pro camera, the ocean-goer pursues the potentially man-eating shark to film it underwater.These attacks occur in shallow waters and surfing spots.The shark will usually give the swimmer or surfer a single bite before retreating and will often not return, having realised the human is bigger than, or different to, its normal prey.IT is one moment from a lifetime of spearfishing that will not leave Sam Tapp – and he caught it on video.

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Bump-and-bite attacks Similar to sneak attacks, these usually take place in open sea and will tend to involve multiple bites because the shark's intention is to attack the victim, rather than simply investigate. Rather than pouncing unexpectedly, the shark will repeatedly circle the victim and bump into them in a sign of aggression before actually attacking them.

During the You Tube clip, the surfer maintains his cool as the sea beast swims underneath his board.

He immediately immerses his camera in the water to get a closer look at the great white, seemingly paddling towards it.

The clip ends with the surfer turning the camera on himself to record a mock scream and a nervous smile.

The man said the clip was filmed not far from the shore at Manhattan Beach, south of Los Angeles.The Newcastle Neptunes Underwater Club member has shared the video in the hope it will encourage inexperienced spearfishers to stay alert to their surroundings the entire time they are in the water.

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