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Foxy wasn’t feeling the picture too much and responded to a comment by a fan by saying, “Thirsty ass Ashanti still d—ridin’!Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Rapper Nationality: United States Executive summary: Ill Na Na Queen of the raunchy rappers, Foxy Brown (born Inga Marchand) didn't waste any time getting her career underway: at the age of only 15 she was invited to contribute to the remix of LL Cool J's I Shot Ya after winning a talent competition in her native Brooklyn.The other day we told you how Foxy Brown dissed Ashanti on social media calling her a “thirsty ass d***rider” all because Ashanti took a selfie with Foxy’s ex-boyfriend /reggae star Spragga Benz [click here if you missed it].Well Ashanti has responded to Foxy’s diss with a laidback diss of her own! It all started when Ashanti posted this seemingly harmless picture of her and Spragga on Instagram.Speaking publicly about her hearing loss for the first time, Foxy Brown held a press conference Thursday where it was revealed that the rapper hasn't heard another person's voice for months and has needed someone to tap out beats on her shoulder when in the studio.The rapper decided she was unwilling to continue this lifestyle and dropped out of the business for a while, returning to her life as Inga Marchand.She resumed her music career in 2001 with the release of her third record Broken Silence, addressing many of the issues that had come to haunt her public persona.By this time her popularity was such that the record went straight to #1 -- the first time this had been accomplished by a female rap artist.

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spragga benz and foxy brown dating-30

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A record by a female artist with a title praising the caliber of her genitals is bound to attract some notice, and Ill Na Na accordingly entered the charts at the #7 position.The following year, Brown took part in the rap collective The Firm, appearing on their Dr. A second solo effort, Chyna Doll, appeared in 1998, featuring contributions from Jay-Z, DMX and vocal trio Total.