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Interviews with armed groups, the results of field research and practical experience in humanitarian engagement...

This edition of Humanitarian Exchange, co-edited with Sara Pantuliano, focuses on the humanitarian situation in South Sudan, the world’s newest state.

In July 2011, the people of South Sudan voted for independence from Sudan in a largely peaceful referendum. Much has been accomplished in South Sudan in recent years, but has the humanitarian situation in the world’s newest nation improved?

This event will launch edition 57 of the Humanitarian Exchange on South Sudan, which examines from different perspectives the...'Above all, more robust and coherent political action is required regionally and internationally to help identify solutions to outstanding issues between the two countries and bring the conflict in the border areas to an end.'This evaluation examines the international community's efforts to support conflict mitigation and peace-building as well as to provide peace dividends to the southern Sudanese people in the period following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005.

Exotic animals and other products from sub-Saharan Africa were exported by the Kushites to the Mediterranean world.

Researchers at the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) have closely followed South Sudan, through its fight for independence and as it struggles to build itself into a nation.

Now, ODI reflects on the recent events – and those further back in history – to better understand what has happened in the country, and what it means for the future.

Earlier in 2013, we published Humanitarian Exchange 57: South Sudan at a crossroads, which emphasized existing humanitarian challenges in the country, including ongoing conflict in Jonglei State, as authors debated whether it was too early to shift from humanitarian to development programming in South Sudan.Dating even further back, Aiding the peace: a multi-donor evaluation of support to conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities in southern Sudan 2005–2010, released in 2010, warned of unresolved drivers of instability, including fears of discrimination along ethnic lines, stressing that donor and aid agency focus on development may not bring about greater peace or reconciliation.