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12-Apr-2016 09:52

Any mobile game can be included into several sections and have several features. Smashing the battle - terroristic group of hackers activated robots and programmed them for mankind destruction.Step on the battle arena together with a team of fighting beauties in order to defeat robotized aggressors and rescue people. You will have modern contraceptives to help you: condoms- they keep the spermatozoa and give you time to massively kill them; blue pills destroy them in a moment and the red pills kill them in the case they got inside. In the case it happens you get greetings with your paternity and the game will be over.Retro Snake Pro - a Retro game for adults which reminds a well-known game "the fool on an undressing". The main thing —to get the enemy with an elastic band, then it will reveal and ensure full safety to an organism.In Retro Snake - Pro you should play a snake – you will collect a certain quantity of small squares, as a reward you will see a photo of a seminude girl - you will need only to stamp on the screen of your i Device to make her bare the whole body and you will see all delights which are hidden behind the hearts... For the help to the remarkable range of condoms, there are antibiotics which can save a gentle and sensitive organism from any infection and spermatozoa which you won't manage "to cover".

A naked girl runs over a stadium from three spiteful security guards. Your main aim — "to cover" all spermatozoa and especially bacteria and microbes.The more delights you show, the better result you get. Imagine there is integration to Open Feint network and support of Retina-displays. Everything looks very brightly and beautifully, developers spent much time on game quality. It isn't so difficult to make it, it is possible to use only two fingers or one finger and accelerometer.