Updating color books in illustrator

13-Feb-2015 10:11

Because there were slight variances between the two, you may notice some colors you’ve previously used being slightly different.

Before Pantone Plus Series, PMS colors contained two definitions: Lab and CMYK.

This process has resulted in both minor and major color shifts, sometimes resulting in a completely different color than intended.

CMYK definitions are used when PMS colors are printed without actually using the spot ink intended.

This definition provides the printer the CMYK values that most closely match the PMS color.

Lab Definitions are used to produce the color on-screen.

Because Pantone solid colors are intended to be used only as spot ink, Pantone had decided to drop the CMYK definitions and only provide only Lab definitions.

This commonly resulted in a minor color shift, but the shift wasn’t enough to concern most designers.

With the Pantone Plus Series libraries, when a PPS color is output as a CMYK color, the computer has to convert the Lab color into CMYK values, then use those values while outputting.

A major difference between Adobe CS5 and CS6 is the update in color libraries provided by Pantone.

The new Pantone Plus Series (PPS) has created a major issue with shifts in color, resulting in inconsistencies between color in old documents and ones created with the new libraries.

If a printer is printing with spot color, no problems will arise.

It is very common for proofs to be printed as CMYK builds, or designers use Pantone colors when they never intend to print with spot ink. Previously, when a PMS color was output without using spot inks, the computer would read the CMYK definition provided within the PMS color library and output the color using those values.