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05-May-2015 16:04

And according to The Sun Con might have been dating Preeya for months, the sneaky sausage.An insider told the paper "Conor didn't really want to be photographed because he doesn't know how things will turn out.He just wants to take things slowly."But he really gets on with her and she's hoping there's a future there." Aww.Watch out, Hazza - it's looking like there's a new boy in town with a thing for the older lady. Just found this interview this is talking about her being 'perfect to work with' but it does sound like they are incredibly close it cant have been a couple of years ago as they've only been in the show for a year i dont know why they denied it its not like other actors in soap havent been a couple. Preeya seems like one of those girls who is touchy feely, but from her reaction to him saying she's beautiful on today's BBC show, I got the feeling she looks at him as more of a brother than a boyfriend. I haven't read the mag interview but someone on this thread has said Preeya confirmed in an interview that they are dating.ultimate cougar catcher in the pop world, it's looking like he might have some stiff competition.Yep, the rumour mill's in overdrive that a certain Conor Maynard could be seeing 32-year-old ex-Eastenders actress Preeya Kalidas. After supposedly trying to keep their romance under wraps, the pair were spotted leaving a swanky BRITs afterparty together last week.And with Preeya 12 years his senior, this is all very reminiscent of Caroline Flack-gate, don'tchathink? Maybe they can go on a date to the Queen Vic and talk about apples and pears before calling each other on the dog and bone?

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A source told The Sun: “Conor didn’t really want to be photographed because he doesn’t know how things will turn out.“He just wants to take things slowly.But he really gets on with her and she’s hoping there’s a future there.”However, any relationship could be short lived – Conor’s mentor Ne-Yo is keeping an eye on the singer to make sure he doesn’t get too distracted by the opposite sex.Conor Maynard is reportedly secretly dating former East Enders actress Preeya Kalidas.Pop star Conor, 20, is said to have wanted to keep the relationship private in a bid to take things slowly but he is said to have left the Brit Awards on Wednesday hand-in-hand with 32-year-old Preeya.

But Conor is making the most of his celebrity status and is enjoying the attention a life in the spotlight brings. No I’ll definitely be cool, it’s hard you know, there are a lot of lovely ladies around.“It’s fun, for me I try to make the most out of every situation and have as much fun as I can.When asked about Ne-Yo’s fatherly ways, Conor told omg! I’ve been meeting so many people on my travels.”Lindsay Lohan Not Happy With Charlie Sheen!